Toshiba Satellite L50 series review

The Satellite L50 wants to be a powerful all-rounder notebook for home use. With an up-to-date Core i7 and Kepler graphics, Toshiba starts off with a solid foundation. The machine also has a huge hard drive capacity and a DVD burner. But after all is said and done, is the all-rounder a persuasive offer? Read our review to find out.laptop that offers a combination of performance and style is the Toshiba Satellite L50 . It is designed for those who want a complete computer of great value.

The Toshiba Satellite L50-A-10Q has a 15.6-inch matte HD panel. The heart of the device is an Intel Core i7-4700MQ based on current Haswell architecture.PA5181U-1ACA The dedicated Nvidia GeForce 740M automatically takes over the task of the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 when the computer is running programs that demand high performance. There is a full 8 GB of working memory as well as a 750 GB hard drive. The two stereo speakers by Onkyo are equipped with DTS Sound and should generate a balanced sound.But the competition also has a lot to offer. The Nexoc M512 offers an i7 based on Ivy Bridge, double the RAM, and a 1 TB hard drive accompanied by a 120 GB SSD. The Asus all-rounder N56VB-S4050H is equipped with hardware similar to that of our review device, but it also offers a Full HD display. Toshiba’s own alternatives are the silver L50-A-164 and the partly aluminum S50-A-10H.Toshiba PA5177U-1ACA The L50-A-164 contains an Intel Core i5-4200U, which is a weaker processor than the 4700MQ, but it uses significantly less energy. The S50-A-10H's hardware is equivalent to that of our review device.

It prevents users entertained and productive. Toshiba has a history of making good laptops. The Satellite series has been the best-selling models . This trend continues with the L50.One thing that many people notice first is its appearance . It comes with a wide screen with a glass surface , rounded corners, smooth finish , raised tile keyboard , and more. The touchpad is large and capable of multi - gestures. Since it is less than an inch thick , is easy to hold and carry. It is an ultraportable PC that is available at an affordable price.

The Toshiba Satellite L50-A10Q measures 377.5 x 244 x 25.95 mm (length x width x height; 14.86 x 9.61 x 1.02 inches) and weighs exactly 2300 grams (5.07 pounds). The notebook is comparatively lean in its category. The device is made entirely of plastic. The panel lid is a shiny pearl-white and has a subtle striped pattern. PA5179U-1ACAThe keyboard bed, display frame and palm rest are all an ivory color. We were pleased to see that despite their high-gloss coating, neither the lid nor the inside surfaces show fingerprints. The base unit is made of a pure white, rougher plastic that is slightly ribbed. The L50 looks attractive and has the feel of a high-quality device.The base unit proves to be stable and stand up to pressure well. The only area where the plastic yields slightly to pressure is beneath the DVD drive. The display is very thin, and the image on the screen distorts when the back side of the panel is pressed inward. The lid also warps easily when twisted side to side.PA5180U-1ACA The notebook can be easily opened with two fingers. The hinges hold the display exactly at the desired angle. Even vibrations in the notebook’s environment barely cause the panel to bounce. The gap dimensions are exact and uniform. The lid and base unit also come together evenly. Overall, the notebook’s manufacturing quality is quite solid.

Comes with all the technology and network connectivity can be expected with a laptop . Your USB ports are a combination of 3.0 and 2.0 . There is an HDMI port, a VGA port and an Ethernet port.PA5178E-1AC3 A headphone jack and microphone are located on the right side of the system with a Kensington lock. To the left is the power button , Wi -Fi , USB port and DVD player.In addition to Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN Atheros module for wireless Internet connection . The WLAN module can handle all standard b / g / n. Bluetooth technology can be added to the configuration so.

The notebook’s connectivity options are standard for its class. Along with its one USB 2.0 port, the device has two further USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. The connections on the right side are situated a little too close together; here we would like to have seen the connections distributed more evenly. Also, all the ports are positioned in the front area of the notebook,dell venue 11 pro power supply which makes both the placement and use of a mouse more difficult.The DVD burner recognizes all the common formats. Though our review device does not have a Full HD panel, as least it offers the ability to play Blu-Ray disks. The card reader supports the newest SD card format, SDXC, and therefore accepts cards up to 64 GB in size. The reader supports MMC memory cards up to 2 GB.

The chiclet keyboard type is made with matte white keys , which are located at a comfortable distance from each other . An LED lights up every time you turn on the caps lock. There are function keys for volume control and media. The touch screen is designed to enable multi -touch gestures . There is an option to disable it for those who prefer to use a mouse.In addition to having good input devices , this laptop series features a solid material foundation . Users can 500GB documents and records about it, compact ultraportable PC . Serial ATA hard drive 500 GB hard drive running at 5400 rpm . Those needing more space can be upgraded to 750GB or 1TB .

Alongside the Gigabit Ethernet port, Toshiba installs an Atheros WLAN module in their L50-A-10Q. The component can handle the IEEE-802.11 standards b/g/n and transmits over 2.4 GHz. At 150 Mbit/s, the maximum transfer rate is not especially high. However, the Wi-Fi module is still appealing for its broad reception range and stable connection. Even 20 meters (~66 feet) from the router and through two walls,dell latitude e7440 charger Windows showed the module’s connection to the router to be outstanding -- and true to its word, even from that distance websites still loaded immediately. Bluetooth 4.0 + LE (Low Energy) is also on board.Another great thing about the series is that L50 is compatible with AMD processors. The processor comes with an AMD A-6 model with Turbo Boost technology. The cell Li -Ion 4 takes several hours per charge.

The list of accessories contained in the Toshiba Satellite L50-A-10Q’s packaging is nothing special. The manufacturer only includes a 120 Watt power supply, a quick-start guide in brochure format and a small manual. The latter also covers the warranty information and gives tips for arranging your workspace ergonomically.Anyone who might have expected a copy of Windows 8 on a disk drive, or at least a driver DVD, will be disappointed. Instead, Toshiba offers the preinstalled Recovery Media Creator tool for creating a recovery image.hp probook 430 g2 charger We strongly recommend doing this. The notebook does have its own recovery partition, but if the hard drive fails or is switched out, that partition will be useless.Toshiba does not offer any optional accessories particular to the L50-A-10Q, but there is a plethora of universal accessories for notebooks.

The Toshiba Satellite L50 is usually a laptop that can be used for entertainment , productivity and communication. Although customized with advanced features , it is still a budget laptop . It has a lot to offer and it costs a fortune to get.We were glad to discover that it is exceptionally easy to perform maintenance on the Toshiba L50. On the underside of the device, you will find a maintenance hatch that reveals the working memory slot.adp 180hb b But it does not end there -- the entire bottom cover can also be removed. After removing 14 screws, you can lift the underside off with a flat object or your fingertips.Once open, all the hardware is easily accessible. The case fans can be cleaned without any trouble. It only takes four more screws to release and switch out the built-in battery. Anyone who wants to install a quick SSD or a bigger hard drive can do it alone without a problem. With a new set of memory modules, the two RAM banks can be expanded to up to 16 GB. The slim optical drive can also be switched out simply by disconnecting the SATA cable.

The chiclet keyboard is outfitted with 102 matte white keys. At 15 x 15 mm (0.59 x 0.59 inches), the QWERTY keys are a good size and are situated a comfortable three millimeters from one another. All the keys are flat and have a good travel length. Their feedback is also good. Even when the keys are hit relatively hard, the keyboard bed does not give way. From the viewpoint of the reviewer, after a short period of adjustment, this input device is well suited to the needs of prolific writers.

We test models from the biggest laptop brands on the market in our labs - including Acer, Apple, Samsung, Dell and HP - and look at a wide range of models for each - from the most affordable to their premium top-end laptops so you can decide when it's worth spending your money and when it's not. A number block is also at the ready. The number lock and caps lock keys both have an integrated LED that informs the user of their status. The F keys are accessible via the function key (Fn) and are preset to be media, volume, Internet and display controls, though their functions can be altered in the settings menu. The keyboard is not lit.

Which? is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test venue 8 charger We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.At 10.8 x 6.8 cm (4.5 x 2.68 inches), the manufacturer equips the L50-A-Q10 with a liberally-sized touchpad. The pad's glide is good and enables the user to navigate across the desktop with precision. The two mouse keys are integrated into the bottom portion of the pad, leaving the whole input device on one continuous level. The left mouse key extends across the whole field and has a crisp and audible click point. The right mouse key is only found in the bottom-right corner of the pad and only clicks under strong pressure.

The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, and they function very well. You only need to take advantage of the good sensitivity in your fingertips during scrolling. Gliding around the edges of the pad brings up the Windows Charms bar. These areas of the input device are quite large, so starting Charms is simple. This does mean, however, that you are bound to unintentionally bring up the Charms bar on occasion. The touchpad can be turned off using the position F5 Fn key.Which? reviews thousands of products and services each year, shedding the light on the best and worst and helping you with your everyday decisions. hp elitebook 820 power supplyWith advice and reviews on everything from energy suppliers and high street shops to ebook readers, cars and mobile phones, Which? can help you save money.

The heart of the Toshiba Satellite L50-A-10Q is Intel's quad-core Core i7-4700MQ processor. This CPU has an integrated HD 4600 graphics unit at its command. The notebook is also equipped with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. The system is supported by 8 GB of working memory that work in dual-channel mode and a conventional hard drive with 750 GB of storage space.Our review device's sister model, the L50-A-164,lenovo t440s charger has an Intel Core i5-4200U at its command. This variant is most interesting if mobility is an important factor. Because the ULV processor has a much lower power consumption rate, the notebook has a longer battery life. The 4700MQ’s TDP is three times higher, but it has considerably more processing power.

In selecting the Intel Core i7-4700MQ, Toshiba lays their money down for a potent quad-core processor based on Intel’s current Haswell architecture. It offers four cores and eight threads. Each core has a base clock frequency of 2.4 GHz and can increase this using Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. With the turbo boost, one core can reach a maximum of 3.4 GHz, two can reach 3.3 GHz, and all four cores simultaneously can still hit up to 3.2 GHz.

That is the theory, anyway. In the Cinebench R 11.5 benchmark, our test device did reach the full turbo frequency of 3.4 GHz in the single-core test. At 2.6 GHz in the multi-core test, the processor did cross into the turbo range, but it remained far below its maximum capability. This can lead to drops in performance when the computer runs programs that demand a lot of the CPU. Notebooks that have the same processor but run it unhindered are more than 20% faster.Without the support of the power supply, the 4700MQ still reaches its base clock frequency, no matter how many cores are called to the task.cinema hd display 90w power adapter With that in mind, it seems likely that our test device’s limited turbo is the result of overheating.

The speakers lack much bass that one might expect from a laptop of this size. The system only comes equipped with an 802.11b/g wireless adapter rather than using one compatible with the recently ratified 802.11n high speed format.Overall though, the low price and features of the Satellite L505-S5969 make it a very solid value for those on a tight budget as long specific connectors aren't required.

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ASUS Transformer Book T100 Review

Up until now, if you wanted a Windows tablet, you had two imperfect choices: You could buy an expensive, Intel Core Series-powered slate that offered solid performance but weak battery life, or a cheaper (but still overpriced) Atom-powered tablet with long battery life but slow speeds. Enter the ASUS Transformer Book T100,pa5013u 1brs the first tablet with Intel's new low-power, quad-core Atom "Bay Trail" platform. Starting at just $349 ($399 as reviewed), the 10.1-inch T100 combines an attractive IPS screen, a responsive keyboard dock, a free copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student on top of Windows 8.1. That's quite a bargain, but is the Transformer Book T100 the best Windows tablet for your money?

If your memories of netbooks are of chubby, miniaturised laptops with glacial performance, then be assured ¨C this Asus is nothing of the sort. In the flesh, the Transformer Book T100 isn¡¯t only surprisingly petite; it¡¯s even moderately attractive. The dark-grey plastics of the base are imprinted with a fake brushed-metal finish, and the tablet¡¯s glossy plastic lid mimics Asus¡¯ top-flight Zenbooks with circular patterns spinning around the Asus logo.But overall, the Transformer Book T100T is nothing less than what Asus chairman Jonney Shih called it at the product's introduction¡ªthe modern-day reincarnation of the company's pioneering Eee PC netbook, and a hybrid that's going to be a smash hit and force aggressive pricing from other vendors. It's also the death knell for Windows RT, but that's another story.

The Transformer Book T100T (to give it the name an Asus rep recommended; we've also seen it billed as just the T100, and the box label refers to model T100TA-C1-GR) is cased in dark gray, fingerprint-smudge-prone plastic with black keyboard keys, a black bezel around the screen, and a silver-gray docking hinge centered above the keyboard. The hinge forms a natural handgrip when the laptop is closed.At 10.4 x 6.7 x 0.41 inches and 1.2 lbs.,toshiba z830 battery replacement the Transformer Book T100 is one of the lightest 10-inch tablets around, weighing significantly less than the 10.8 x 7.0 x 0.4 inch, 1.6-lb. Dell Latitude 10 and the 10.8 x 6.8 x 0.4 inch, 1.5-lb. Surface 2. It's even quite a bit lighter than the 1.44-lb. iPad, despite the iPad's smaller 9.7-inch screen.However, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 (10.1 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches, 1.2 lbs.) is the same weight, but a tad thinner.When you attach the keyboard dock, portege z830 batterythe T100's weight doubles to 2.4 lbs. and its thickness jumps to 0.93 inches. By comparison, the 11.6-inch HP Envy x2 weighs 3.1 lbs., but is just 0.6 inches thick with its keyboard dock attached.

When snapped into the included keyboard attachment, though, the T100 makes for a very compact laptop. This attachment includes function and arrow keys, not to mention options for backlight and volume adjustment. My only complaint is how cramped it feels; I have smaller hands and I still made numerous typing mistakes. It's a shame, too, because this attachment is really a quality product. The sturdy keys have excellent travel when pressed. I eventually felt more comfortable with the keyboard¡ªit just takes some getting used to.bose sounddock portable chargerTo undock the tablet, you push the release button in the center of the hinge with one hand and pull the screen up and away with the other; to dock, you center the screen over the hinge and push down firmly (it helps if the base is on a desk or table rather than your lap). The mechanism works smoothly and holds securely, although we wish the hinge tilted just a few degrees further back in laptop mode.

Unlike Asus¡¯s more expensive Android-powered Transformer devices, the Asus Transformer Book T100 is not made primarily of metal. Some metal is used in the hinge¡¯s inner workings to provide the requisite strength, but this is a largely plastic tablet. It wears quite an array of finishes too. The back of the tablet part is extremely glossy, the keyboard surround is faux brushed metal and the bottom of the keyboard bit is soft-touch matt plastic. Three different finish types rob the Asus Transformer Book T100 of design cohesion, but it ¨C surprisingly enough ¨C largely gets away with it.But the Asus T100 isn¡¯t quite perfection in all departments. As a laptop device the small keyboard feels a little bit squeezed up, but after a couple of days we found we¡¯d adapted and had a decent typing rate again. The keys are resistive and have enough bounce in use, although the small spacebar was easily missed and almost didn¡¯t feel sensitive enough compared to what we¡¯re used to.

As a full Windows 8.1 device it's running the latest version of the rapidly evolving operating system. The new version has brought back the Start button which was much missed by seasoned Windows users (i.e. most people). And this is the full Windows experience,hp pavilion 27xi power adapter rather than the RT version, so you're not just limited to installing apps from the Windows Marketplace, and you also get a full version of Office as standard. Yes, there's still a bit of a learning curve to find your way around, but it's a slick, fast and easy-to-use operating system for the most part, that makes the most of the touch-sensitive screen.The quad-core Intel Atom processor is clocked at 1.3GHz, backed by 2GB of RAM and does a pretty decent job in general use, fast and efficient with browsing and movie watching. Standard gaming seemed to be okay too, but it clearly has its limits, and we couldn't get it to run our usual test HD game of Portal (which isn't exactly a demanding game these days either).

The battery held up very well though, running for a solid 11 hours in our test, which is just as well, since it takes a surprisingly long time to charge up.The Transformer Book T100 is powered by a mid-range Bay Trail CPU, the quad-core, 1.33GHz Atom Z3740, which is capable of running at burst frequencies of up to 1.86GHz. Although the Atom Z3740 supports up to 4GB of RAM, Asus has focused on keeping the Transformer Book T100 affordable ¨C there¡¯s a basic 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB of eMMC flash storage. Nothing fancy, in other words.

In everyday use, however, the new face of Intel¡¯s Atom brings as dramatic a transformation as you could hope for. Compared to our experiences of Windows 8 on the previous generation of devices (Atom Clover Trail), the Asus is a veritable speed demon.lenovo b5400 charger Applications load far more energetically; web browsing is slick and smooth; and the overall experience remains impressively responsive, right up to the point where the limitations of the 2GB of RAM start to show.When he unveiled the Transformer Book T100, ASUS CEO Jonney Shih said its keyboard was modeled after a ThinkPad's, but it doesn't live up to the Lenovo standard. The keys offer excellent tactile feedback and a ton of vertical travel, but they're so small and packed together so tightly that we found ourselves making many adjacent key errors. This is a netbook layout.

The first time we took the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor test, we registered an awful error rate of 7 percent, but after being a lot more deliberate in our strokes, we managed a 1 percent error rate with a 74 word-per-minute speed, hp touchsmart 520 power supplyabout 11 words per minute below our typical score. However, we found typing on the T100 much more pleasant than using the Microsoft Surface's Touch or Type covers, because of the good feedback and the solid weight of the dock.Yes, you can get Microsoft's Surface 2 for a tenner more, but that model only runs the limited RT version of Windows 8.1 and you'll still need to shell out another ¡ê100 for the accompanying keyboard. The T100 may not be the best looking hybrid out there, but it's solidly built, offers a decent screen and processor, plus the latest Windows 8.1 at an extremely reasonable price.lenovo m72e power supply If you¡¯re after a two-in-one for work and play then we think the Asus T100 ticks plenty of boxes without breaking the bank. It might not have huge power or storage capacity on board, and it¡¯s not a luxury device with much wow factor - but that¡¯s probably a given at this level of purchase.In context to the rest of the market it's a real winner. It might be a touch more cash than a Chromebook competitor, but the Asus has so much more to offer. We think it¡¯s an excellent device and one not to be overlooked.However, as we noted in the last Transformer tablet we reviewed, the screen bezel is pretty chunky, giving it a less¡ modern¡¯appearance than something like an iPad Air or Google Nexus venue 11 pro chargerWe find it less of an issue here as ¨C quite simply ¨C there are very few particularly good-looking Windows tablets. In the nerdy world of Windows 8 tabs, the Asus is a bit of a looker.

Practicality-wise, the design is spot on for an affordable hybrid. The keyboard module and tablet are around 550g each, and between 11-12mm thick. Separated from each other, neither is remarkable. There are thinner, lighter 10-inch tablets and nothing too notable about the keyboard¡¯s design. They make a great team, though.

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HP Pavilion 13-a000 x360 review

HP's new Pavilion 13-a000ng x360 belongs to the latter of the two sectors. It expands a niche in the 13-inch category that was first filled by Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 13 in the mainstream sector. Therefore, we will use the successor Lenovo Yoga 2 13 and Satellite W30Dt-A-100 from Toshiba with a removable screen for comparing with HP's new Pavilion x360.


This version starts at a low $399 in the US, which means it runs Intel Pentium chips, rather than the more mainstream Core i-series CPUs (although that's mostly fine for an 11-inch laptop). Prices begin at ?¨º329 in the UK and AU$599 in Australia.hp pavilion 13-a000 x360 ac adapterHP says the x360 is aimed at millennials looking for a single device for work and play, and one goal for this system was to produce an affordable convertible that's accessible to anyone. Since we first heard about the x360, we've seen budget versions of similar 11-inch hybrid designs from Dell and Lenovo, which means the fold-back hinge may soon be as commonplace among budget laptop shoppers as netbooks were several years ago.The HP Pavilion 11t-n000 x360 ($409.99, as tested) is a convertible hybrid laptop that flips its touch screen around. Thanks to a budget-friendly, quad-core Intel Pentium processor and its use of a hard drive instead of a pricier solid-state drive (SSD),hp pavilion 13-a000na x360 charger the Pavilion x360$379.99 at HP, is a lot less expensive than the $1,000 convertible hybrid laptops we've seen over the past couple of years. Despite its budget price, the system is more than competent, and is a good starting point for the Windows 8 novice.


There are, of course, trade-offs with taking designs that started in $1,000-plus laptops and bringing them down below $500. The look, while muted and modern, is bigger, thicker, and heavier than you may be used to from an 11-inch ultraportablehp tpn-q149 car adapter. The screen in particular has a budget feel, with poor off-axis viewing -- especially troublesome for a tablet meant to be viewed from many angles.But it's also less expensive than the otherwise similar 11-inch Yoga 2 from Lenovo. Our configuration of the normally $399 x360 doubled the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, resulting in a final price of $474. (Configuration options are not widely available outside of the US.) The Yoga 2, while slimmer and with a better screen, is $479 in a Best Buy configuration with only 4GB of RAM (other configurations are available on the sometimes-confusing Lenovo US website).That's the trade-off between these two models. For roughly the same price, you can get more RAM in the HP x360, or a smaller43whr hp pavilion 13-a000 x360 laptop battery, lighter design and better screen in the Yoga 2. I'm inclined to lean toward the Yoga, thinking the easier-to-see display outweighs the small performance boost the extra RAM in the HP x360 gives you. That said, the entry-level x360 is only $399, and that's a price Lenovo can't currently touch.


The casing of the Pavilion 13 x360 is made completely of plastic. At first glance, its build and stability are quite acceptable. However, upon closer inspection, minor processing flaws are quickly found in the corners. Though they are not distracting, they do not showcase an extremely high-quality build. On the other hand, the build of the surfaces is immaculate, and also have a pleasant feel. The wrist rest and keyboard border feature a brushed metal look - it could be a thin metal coating that manufacturers like Asus often use. The rigidity is good.The x360 is bigger and heavier than other 11-inch systems, hybrid or otherwise. The rounded corners and playful design gives it an accessible, consumer-gadget feel, but holding it in one hand in tablet mode is awkward. The x360 weighs 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg), while the 11-inch Yoga 2 is only 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg). By way of comparison, the 11-inch MacBook Air is 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg).

Like a flashy convertible automobile, the system grabs your attention with its all-red chassis and shiny, chrome-colored HP logo on the lid. Like the Lenovo Yoga 2 11$506.00 at Amazon,hp envy 15t-u000 cto x360 ac adapter the Pavilion x360 flips its screen around the center hinge's axis, so you can use the system in four modes. Notebook mode is the standard clamshell-laptop orientation. Stand mode puts the keyboard facedown on the table, so you can use the screen to watch videos with the rest of tpn-q146 ac adapterlaptop body out of the way. Tent mode flips the laptop over so the central hinge is facing the sky; this makes the touch screen more stable for extended touch sessions, like when playing a game (more on that below). Last, but not least, Tablet mode lets you use the Pavilion x360 as a (somewhat heavy) slate tablet. Detachable hybrid systems like the Asus Transformer Book T100TA$336.68 at Amazon are lighter in Tablet mode, though there's always the danger that you'll accidentally leave the Asus T100TA's keyboard behind.But as a budget ultraportable laptop,hp envy 15 x360 charger the x360 works well, with a full-size keyboard and a large, wide, touchpad. Like many HP laptops, the top row of function keys are reversed, which means you can adjust the screen brightness, volume, and other features without holding down the Fn key. The island-style keys have a tiny bit of texture to them, which helps grip the fingers, but the keys are also shallow and wiggle a good bit, even under light typing. Still, it's better than decent for a budget laptop keyboard.


The wide touchpad, another HP staple, also translates well in the budget version presented here. It's a clickpad-style pad, giving you a larger touch surface without separate left and right mouse buttons, but the plastic surface doesn't feel as natural as more-expensive glass versions. Multitouch gestures, such as two-finger scrolling, work surprisingly well, although on a system such as this, you're likely to do a lot of your on-screen nav from the's that 11.6-inch touchscreen that holds the x360 back more than any other single feature. With a 1,366x768-pixel native resolution, it's comparable to the 11-inch Yoga 2hp tpn-q147 ac adapter, the 11-inch MacBook Air, and many other 11-inch laptops, but the screen here is washed-out and often hard to see. The screen doesn't get especially bright, and coupled with an excessively glossy overlay, that means it's virtually unusable, even in modest sunlight.Between this model and the 11-inch Yoga 2, the difference in display quality is huge, even at a casual glance. A poor display can undo an otherwise worthwhile laptop, and especially if you're planning to share content in the system's kiosk or tablet modes, it could be a dealbreaker.


The system loudly proclaims its Beats Audio branding via a large logo right on the interior hinge, but with Apple's recent deal to buy the audio company, this is a feature that probably won't make it to future versions of the x360. (HP has the right to build Beats systems for the rest of 2014 and to sell stock until the end of 2015.) It's a small loss in a low-cost ultraportable, as the Beats branding referred only to some software tweaks for deeper sound, mostly EQ presets, and not any actual Beats speaker hardware.Like its competitors, hp envy 15 x360 dc car charger adapterthe Pavilion 13 x360 only offers the bare minimum in this category. However, an Ethernet socket is available despite the casing's slim height. A haptic volume control is also installed. All interfaces are sufficiently spaced so that a USB stick can be used beside an HDMI cable and Ethernet socket at the same time. All interfaces are positioned in the middle to rear sides to prevent connected devices interfere with an external mouse.


The HP Pavilion 11t-n000 x360 is a tempting alternative to the Lenovo Yoga line of convertible hybrid laptops. However, the Editors' Choice Asus T100TA has significantly longertpn-q148 charger uk battery life and is much lighter in Tablet mode, as it detaches from the keyboard, making it a better choice for the road warrior. The Pavilion x360 is a convertible hybrid laptop system for the user who needs a slate tablet experience from time to time, but can't bear to leave their keyboard at home.HP can score in a field where convertibles with a removable screen usually come out on the short end. Using extremely economic processors like in Toshiba's Satellite W30Dt-A-100 is unnecessary because the processor and other components are installed in the base unit and not behind the screen. Like in43whr np03xl laptop battery Lenovo's device, an Intel ULV processor from the Haswell architecture is installed. However, HP relies on the somewhat stronger Core i3-4030U rather than the i3-4010U in760944-421 Lenovo's convertible. Both are specified with a TDP of 15 Watts. Intel's more basic HD Graphics 4400 is used as the graphics solution. With a total of 8 GB of working memory and the 500 GB hybrid hard drive with an 8 GB flash cache, the convertible always ran smoothly in Windows operation after booting. Unfortunately, it does not have a pure SSD storage.


Nowadays, manufacturers apparently have to stride new paths to stand out in the ever-advancing industry. While it was all about increasingly higher clock rates around the millennium, the last few years focused on core count and improving the efficiency of the system components. Today, a "laptop" has to be more than a conventional notebook to prevail over the strong competition of premium business devices, ultra-portable subnotebooks or handy tablets.

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Dell Latitude E7440 review

Dell's Latitude E7440 is really a high-end ultraportable laptop aimed in the corporate market. According to Intel's most current Haswell processors and with an optional HD touchscreen to assistance Windows 8.1, the Latitude is designed to meet the

requirements of mainstream business customers.Announced last year and accessible now, the Latitude E7440 is also identified by Dell as the Latitude 14 7000 Series. As the name suggests, it boasts a 14in screen and comes with a choice of Intel's Haswell 4th-generation Core processors with vPro e7440 powerenergy leadThis generation of Latitude models also boasts new styling, which includes an aluminium casing, using a soft-touch finish in strategic areas such as the lid, underneath that is a tri-metal chassis developed for durability.The overall first impression is of a fashionable, excellent item that feels strong and seems constructed to final, which can be backed up by compliance with the MIL-STD-810G standard that Dell claims for the Latitude 7000 series.

With a slightly more ??consumer?ˉ look and really feel in comparison with the Dell Latitude 6430u it might appear superior to a number of people but we felt it lost a bit of its business enterprise look. It feels solid and secure in the hand although and you'll find no creaks or rattles, the screen hinge feels very strong and the port choice on the rear provides confidence that this is going to be ready for nearly all connectivity situations.The E7440 doesn?ˉt feel as light and portable as lots of Ultrabooks but try to remember this is a 14-inch unit. First-boot to Windows 7 was slightly disappointing to us in terms of time however it would be ??quick?ˉ for anybody coming from a Windows 7 tough drive laptop.

The E7440 may be the 14in model from the new Dell Latitude 7000 series, launched alongside the 12.5in E7240. Dell is really still calling the E7440 an Ultrabook,hp probook 450 g2 energypower leadalthough the chassis is really a tiny big and heavy in comparison with the 13in versions from the genre. The 1.63kg weight is half a kilo heavier than some, although this really is nevertheless a decidedly portable notebook.The E7440 is rather comparable in specification towards the Toshiba Tecra Z40-A-11U. Our E7440 was based about an Intel Core i5-4300U, despite the fact that an i7-4600U can also be an choice, adding ?ê303 plus VAT towards the value. The 4300U runs at a nominal 1.9GHz, but Turbo Enhance signifies a single core can enhance to 2.9GHz when necessary, and an 11.5W low energy mode can also be readily available, exactly where the processor runs at 800MHz. Hyper-Threading is on hand as usual, turning the two physical cores into 4 virtual ones for improved multi-tasking overall performance.

Ultrabooks dominate the laptop landscape, with a huge selection of machines out there which can be slim, light and quick enough to consist of one of Intel?ˉs prestigious stickers beside their keyboards. Dell?ˉs Latitude E7440 is created for company as an alternative to pleasure, and its ?ê1,504 price tag suggests this machine ¨C which slots inside Dell?ˉs Latitude 7000-series ¨C will only match inside the swankiest of boardrooms.This isn?ˉt the only laptop intended for the workplace, even though. The Sony VAIO Pro 13 is impossibly slim and light,g236hl power supplyenergy pack and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon brings a popular small business brand for the table and is quickly to become updated with the X1 Carbon 2014 model. Sony?ˉs machine is substantially more affordable than the Latitude ¨C however the ThinkPad is much more costly. Is the E7440 the ideal man within the middle?

Latitude - this name represents a series of ordinarily quite highly-priced experienced notebooks at Dell. These notebooks helped the corporation to create a exceptional reputation amongst extremely demanding business enterprise shoppers.Dell not simply offers the yearly refresh for the well-liked 14-inch class but additionally introduces a fully new device together with the Latitude E7440 (quick Latitude 14).bose soundlink 23 charger It follows the trend of current consumer notebooks with an optional touchscreen display and also a extremely thin chassis but is supposed to stand out from the competition with comprehensive security functions and verified qualities.Our review unit is equipped having a Core i5-4200U Haswell CPU, which is supported by 4 GB RAM and a 500 GB challenging drive. Dell at present gives an extremely similar configuration with a slightly faster CPU (Core i5-4300U) for 1,059 Euros (~$1437, including some discounts) in its German on-line shop. Added capabilities like an SSD, UMTS module, Core i7 processor or extra memory swiftly improve the price tag for the base configuration - that is without VAT - as much as 1,649 Euros (~$2237). The key rivals for the new Latitude are as soon as again from HP and Lenovo. Let's come across out how the E7440 holds up against the EliteBook Folio 9470M plus the ThinkPad T430u.

While taking notes for my review of Dell?ˉs most up-to-date small business notebook, I repeatedly discovered myself saying ?°Well, on the other hand?-?± The Latitude E7440 is bulky to get a 14-inch Ultrabook?a it?ˉs nearly a pound heavier than Lenovo?ˉs X1 Carbon Touch. Alternatively, it?ˉs super difficult. You may drop it on the sidewalk and it?ˉd nevertheless provide the sales projections for tomorrow?ˉs meeting. It?ˉs outfitted with each HDMI and DisplayPort. On the other hand, you?ˉll need to carry a VGA adapter to connect it to the old video projector inside the boardroom. Its battery croaks after just 4.five hours. On the other hand, it?ˉs removable, so you'll be able to swap in a spare.See what I imply? One particular issue my two hands and I agree on: We like utilizing the Latitude E7440. It?ˉs comfy to work on in and out of my house office. hp pavilion 11 x360 energy supplyThe 14-inch IPS touchscreen is crisp and very vibrant, yet it?ˉs remarkably resistant to glare and fingerprints, and responds beautifully to my touch. My fingers fly about on its massive keyboard like they were created for every single other, along with the trackpad operates terrific when I want it and stays out on the way when I don?ˉt (study: no AWOL cursors). The keyboard deck has just the appropriate slightly rubbery feel that lets my palms rest comfortably on it for long stretches.

Business purchasers will probably be pleased to view that the Latitude E7440 sports a removable battery, and may be configured with safety options for example a smartcard reader and fingerprint scanner, and mobile broadband alternatives.However, in addition, it comes at a cost, with our certain model listed on Dell's web page at ?ê1,848, while quite a few business enterprise laptops of a comparable size and specification might be had for closer to the ?ê1,000 mark. The Latitude was offered for any discounted value of ?ê1,238, but this supply was resulting from expire at the end of April 2014.

The Dell Latitude E7440 is usually a strong unit that?ˉs slightly thicker than some Ultrabooks. The benefit of which is that Dell had been in a position to pack inside a lot of ports. Across the back you?ˉve got HDMI, Mini DisplayPort (no eSATA port as on 6430U) and two USB3.0 venue 8eight charger uk Around the right you?ˉve got Kensington lock, USB3.0, headset along with a physical wireless on/off switch. That can be useful in some circumstances to make sure the lowest battery drain or present a flight-mode on Windows 7. Around the left-hand side you?ˉve just got the fan output, the SD card slot and, if it?ˉs fitted, the Smartcard reader. Stereo speakers are on the front/bottom and around the bottom you?ˉll see the docking port and removable battery. (Not hot-swappable as on, one example is, the newer Lenovo Thinkpads.)

This is backed by a mere 4GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM, which is usually upgraded to 8GB. But this isn?ˉt a user upgrade, and unfortunately Dell only presents 8GB of RAM together with the premium Core i7 version from the E7440, which as talked about above is ?ê303 further. The Intel processor supplies the graphics, as well, inside the shape of HD Graphics 4400. This really is a mild improvement over the Intel HD Graphics 4000 that was integrated into the earlier Ivy Bridge processor generation, because of a 25 per cent higher number of shading units. Nonetheless, the effects won?ˉt be hugely noticeable, and 3D acceleration isn?ˉt a crucial aspect of a business-oriented Ultrabook anyway.Strangely, the major model having a Core i7 processor incorporates a non-touch 1,920 x 1,080 show.hp x360 netzteil We?ˉve not been also convinced by the inclusion of touchscreens with non-hybrid notebooks anyway, but it?ˉs nonetheless strange to drop this around the higher-end model. The screen in our E7440 sample was usually impressive. Viewing angles are great in every single direction, though greater horizontally than vertically. The glossy finish does pick up reflections in vibrant lighting, but not as badly as some. General, it?ˉs an impressive, detailed display with wealthy colour.

The base utilizes dark, powder-coated aluminium that feels comfortable and looks polished, the wrist-rest is completed with black soft-touch material, and also the lid shines because of silver-coloured metal. The only show of excess comes in the brushed aluminium utilized for the hinge.Company machines must be sturdy, and also the Latitude didn?ˉt disappoint. It?ˉs built applying what Dell calls a "tri-metal chassis",vgp bpse38 which can be an underlying frame made from anodised aluminium, magnesium alloy and steel. It works: we barely moved the wrist-rest, the base wouldn?ˉt budge, along with the lid only flexed just a little when twisted. It?ˉs as very good because the Lenovo, and stronger than the flimsy Sony.

The outcome is great: Having a thickness of just two.1 centimeters and a weight of 1.63 kg (including the 3-cell battery) the Latitude 14 manages best values for its class. Even the torsion resistance is okay for such a thin notebook, though it can't very preserve up with some high-end ultrabooks. We do not choose to overstate this flexibility because you will find no annoying creaking noises even beneath heavy pressure.The connection among the base unit and also the show is realized by two huge hinges having a generous maximum opening angle, which have no difficulty maintaining the display in position. Regardless of its thin profile, the stability of your show is extremely superior: Dell even utilizes added carbon fiber components for configurations with touchscreen panels, though the display cover of our overview unit is "only" created of aluminum. Due to this, both configurations have nearly exactly the same dimensions and weight.

The E7440 manages to be both quite and rugged, its shell formed by the challenging metal and carbon-composite material swiftly gaining favor with higher-end Pc makers. When I gripped the E7440 by the two ends and attempted to twist it, it didn?ˉt give one particular iota. Even the screen panel, a mere quarter-inch thick, barely flexed when I whipped the lid up by just its corner and snapped it shut once again.netzteil dell studio 1537The Latitude E7440 has a beautiful, non-glare, 14-inch IPS touchscreen with native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels plus the most effective off-axis viewing I?ˉve noticed so far. The keyboard flexes in its middle and its keys bounce slightly substantially, however they don?ˉt clatter and they render practically just about every keystroke properly. The slightly concave keys are nicely islanded from every other, and present just the correct degree of friction. 4 levels of backlighting are out there, which tends to make the computer easier to use and reduces the load on the battery any time you don?ˉt want its brightest settings.

The overview unit Dell delivered for our evaluation was depending on a 1.9GHz Intel Core i5-4300U processor, which is a dual-core chip with support for Hyper-Threading and also the vPro management and safety extensions that happen to be virtually normal in a corporate laptop.This really is backed by 4GB of DDR3 memory, with 8GB the maximum, plus a option of 500GB tough drive or 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) fitted as a PCI Express Mini Card. On the other hand, there will not appear to become any easy way for any client to access either the memory or difficult drive to upgrade them, so purchasers could be very best advised to specify very carefully when ordering.

With the WiGig option, the Dell Latitude is amongst the handful of PCs to become in a position to offer you a cable-less docking port. In Europe the docking port D5000 costs a hefty 218 Euros but you must get transparent connections to three USB3.0 ports, a DisplayPort, Mic-in,HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet. We haven?ˉt tested WiGig bit it?ˉs made for this goal and we would anticipate it to outperform any USB3.0-based docking answer.The keyboard can be a gem. It?ˉs large, backlit, has separate touch pointer and mechanical buttons which may well attract those which might be disappointed by the button-less trackpad around the new Lenovo Thinkpad range.adp 40kd bbThe keyboard had a little of flex about the J and K keys which can be a build-quality challenge to watch out for in our opinion. (See section on rear-panel access to discover out the cause for the flex.) In use though, we identified the keyboard productive and quite stress-free to utilize. You will find four backlight levels.

The E7440 requires a slightly uncommon approach to connectivity when compared with most Ultrabooks. The majority of ports may be located round the back, and only the SD card reader is located on the left. The rear is house for the power connection, HDMI, two USB three.0 ports, Micro DisplayPort, and LAN, while the proper only gives the combined headphone and microphone socket, alongside a third USB three.0 port plus a switch to turn Wi-Fi off and on, that is generally handy should you fly regularly. The one thing missing is VGA, although this really is only seriously helpful in recent times should you possess a legacy projector or screen you need to connect to.With an identical processor and RAM complement, the E7440 has a incredibly comparable efficiency towards the Toshiba Tecra Z40-A-11U.asus t100ta netzteil The result in the Maxon Cinebench R11.5 render test is an nearly identical two.79, and also the OpenGL outcome of 15.15 can also be practically the exact same. Whilst the rendering score is respectable, the OpenGL result is rather mediocre, and this is mirrored in the 830 obtained in Futuremark 3DMark11 and 509 in 3DMark?ˉs Firestrike 1.1 test, which are also in the similar ballpark because the Tecra. Additional critical could be the result in the Computer Mark 8 application-based testing. The E7440 accomplished a result of two,309 within the Household test, and three,444 in the Perform test, that are again within the exact same ballpark as the Tecra, and excellent for an Ultrabook.

Other touches emphasise the Latitude?ˉs business enterprise pedigree. There?ˉs a trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard, and it?ˉs accompanied by its own trio of buttons. It?ˉs a welcome feature that we?ˉre only employed to seeing on Lenovo ThinkPads. There?ˉs a fingerprint reader plus a physical Wi-Fi switch, plus the underside includes a docking station connector along with a keyboard drainage hole.It?ˉs a clean bill of wellness so far, but the Dell pays for its versatility elsewhere. Its 1.63kg weight is towards the best finish with the Ultrabook spectrum, and it?ˉs 21mm thick. Both of these figures are light by company laptop requirements, however the VAIO is in the light end in the scale thanks to its 1.06kg weight and 17.2mm thickness, plus the Lenovo can also be slimmer and lighter.

Dell presents many wireless modules for its Latitude series according to the configuration, starting with the low-end Dell Wireless 1506 (802.11 b/g/n, 1x1) up to the high-end Intel Wireless-AC 7260 (802.11ac/a/b/g/n, 2x2). Dell equips all configurations in the German on line shop together with the rapid AC module; however, our evaluation unit only utilizes the inexpensive Dell Wireless 1506. adp 65gd bEven although efficiency, range and characteristics naturally cannot maintain up with the extra costly versions (no Bluetooth, WiGig or WiDi), this module gets the job carried out: The maximum transfer price of 150 Mbit/s is stable even with a distance of a handful of meters and some walls in amongst.There are actually also diverse WWAN options for web around the go that stand out with HSPA(+) and/or LTE support also as GPS. Regrettably, this really is only a standard feature for one of the most pricey configuration for 1,650 Euros (~$2238).

Powered by an Intel Core i5-4300U processor, 4GB of DDR3L/1600 memory, as well as a 256GB SSD, the Latitude E7440 ran smoothly and cranked by means of standard tasks just fine. Just don?ˉt count on it to rip by way of intense computational tasks like video rendering or playing AAA games?ait?ˉs not developed for those workloads.When the Latitude E7440?ˉs battery dies?aour grueling battery-rundown test killed the a single is this eval unit in just four.5 hours?ayou can pull it out and slap inside a fresh one particular. That?ˉs a rare attribute of contemporary Ultrabooks, and it?ˉs a good issue, since it took a lot more than 4 hours to not-quite totally charge the original. Taking advantage of that function suggests packing a second 10-ounce battery (or forgetting to pack, or packing it only to drop it inside your travels). I?ˉd much favor to just have 1 battery that lasts a good, long time.

In the pictures you could see the configuration of your PCIe/mSATA ports. We suspect that should you pick SSD +3G/4G you?ˉll end up having a two.5?± SATA SSD and not the Samsung mSATA that is certainly tested here.Having a believed on that keyboard flex we checked to find out if the keyboard was tightly screwed down?-and located a missing screw.aspire s3 batteryby stealing a keyboard screw from the second E7440 we have here we have been able to right many of the keyboard flex. The items provided are samples so we suspect that they didn?ˉt go through precisely the same QC as production models but the challenge will probably be passed back to Dell.One particular much more point while were in the battery bay for the reason that it?ˉs here you?ˉll come across the 3G/4G SIM card slot.

The Dell Latitude E7440 is usually a serious corporate contender. Though there's no clever card or fingerprint reader, the greater resolution screen and larger SSD give it the edge over Toshiba?ˉs Tecra Z40-A-11U in sheer worth terms. However, the considerably inferior battery life puts it behind the Tecra as an out-and-out road warrior, even if the battery is removable. So if time away in the power socket is an significant concern, the Tecra will nonetheless be the far better answer, even if it really is noticeably a lot more costly and much less well-featured in other regions.

Three with the four E7440 models come with a full HD screen, and there?ˉs no doubt that this 1,920 x 1,080 is crafted for business enterprise: there?ˉs sufficient real-estate to comfortably use two windows, a matte finish to avoid irritating glare, and it?ˉs produced from Corning Gorilla Glass. It?ˉs not a touchscreen, but that?ˉs not an issue thanks to Windows 7.An sRGB gamut coverage level of 84.9% is excellent, but in other colour tests the Latitude?ˉs panel was weaker. Its Adobe RGB gamut coverage of 62.1% is poor, and it indicates that this panel isn?ˉt good adequate for high-end colour work.hp pavilion 27xi power adapterThe Dell?ˉs colour temperature of 6,650K is close towards the six,500K ideal figure, but the screen?ˉs typical DeltaE (a measure of colour accuracy) of 7.six is mediocre.These intensive, colour-dependant applications will be the only area exactly where this screen stumbles ¨C in just about every other division it?ˉs excellent. Sony?ˉs slightly much better brightness and contrast, and its superior colour accuracy, imply it?ˉs a greater screen ¨C however the Latitude isn?ˉt far behind.

Dell equipped the Latitude with Intel's vPro technology, which involves distinct security and remote-access capabilities. You'll be able to, for instance, delete sensitive information or lock the entire device in case of a theft (Intel Anti-Theft) - a really vital aspect for a lot of companies. When you also require a fingerprint reader in addition to a SmartCard reader you'll have to opt for a minimum of the medium configuration that begins at 1,229 Euros (~$1667). We can already feel the top quality of the matte black keyboard with all the very first crucial stroke. When compared with the praised ThinkPad keyboard it can be softer but that doesn't mean it truly is significantly less precise or that the feedback is reduced. In combination together with the generous travel for any notebook this results in a superb typing expertise that rapidly compensates for tiny drawbacks like the slight bouncing in the center. Lastly, the background illumination is the icing on the cake. It could be adjusted in four methods and improves the typing experience in dark environments.

A actual experienced device must always be equipped with the conventional Trackpoint. It may be an interesting mouse alternative for those who are utilised to it, although the precision of the tiny joystick can subjectively not compete using the counterpart from Lenovo. The 3 according buttons (like one particular for scrolling) leave a really high-quality and tough impression. A non-touch display is obtainable at a resolution of 1366x768 pixels,lenovo b5400 charger however the typical screen as fitted to our critique unit supports touch input and includes a complete HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.Our unit also came with an Intel 802.11ac WiFi adapter, but an optional alternative can be a Dell adapter that consists of WiGig capability to support a brand new wireless desktop dock unit. Our overview unit also came with a Dell HSPA+ mobile broadband adapter for go-anywhere connectivity, but purchasers can rather choose a 4G unit supporting LTE.

Underneath the case is a connector for Dell's current E series of desktop docks, plus the battery, which is usually removed by sliding a catch. As is customary, the SIM card slot for the mobile broadband is stowed away behind the battery, in this case for a micro SIM card.At 1.63kg, the Latitude E7440 is somewhat pushing the definition of ultraportable, but that is only when fitted with the smallest three-cell battery option. Our overview unit had a four-cell battery pack having a slightly larger charge capacity, but this also bumps the weight up slightly.The Latitude can also be not specially thin for an ultraportable, using a footprint bigger than a sheet of A4 paper and about an inch thick when closed. On the other hand, slimline ultraportables tend to trade size for durability, while this new Latitude feels reassuringly strong, as we have described ahead of.

We can not truly advocate the cheap WXGA display either: The meager resolution is combined with a comparatively weak background illumination that doesn't surpass an average worth of 179 cd/m2 in its brightest setting. On the other hand,lenovo m72e energy supplythe rivals ThinkPad T430u and EliteBook 9470m are also not a great deal far better in this regard.As anticipated, the LG show using the designation 140WH2 is just a basic TN panel as well as the picture top quality is quite standard. The according numbers are a black worth of 0.48 cd/m2, which results in a contrast ratio of 379:1. Compared to a very great IPS or VA panel, exactly where we can figure out values above 1000:1, the picture seems fairly pale and lifeless. To get pleasure from the most beneficial possible image high-quality, your viewing angle should not deviate in the center. Similar to most TN panels, modifications in the viewing angle, specifically vertically, result in sturdy color deviations. Even though the circumstance is far better horizontally, the E7440 is clearly not intended for a number of users, on the other hand, movie sessions having a couple of close friends should not be a very prevalent situation for the Latitude anyway.

To test out the overall performance of the Latitude E7440, we ran it through the TouchXPRT 2013 benchmark suite created for evaluating Windows 8 devices by Principled Technologies. Dell's laptop returned a score of 856. This score rates the new Latitude as possessing slightly lower functionality than Microsoft's updated Surface Pro 2 tablet, which accomplished a score of 965, as outlined by published test scores with all the very same processor and amount of memory.Thankfully, because the battery is removable ¨C a uncommon function amongst today's thin and light systems ¨C customers can procure a spare to carry around with them on the road if they want the method to last for a complete operating day.The Latitude E7440 provides all this while nonetheless exuding a particular amount of style, and certainly would not place any business enterprise professional to shame for carrying it around.The battery life slightly lets the method down, but as Dell has designed its program using a removable battery which can be swapped to get a spare, we'll let that criticism pass.

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HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 and EliteBook 850 G1 review

The HP EliteBook 850 G1 ($1,614, as tested) is a well-designed, future-proofed company ultrabook. Its easy upgradability makes it an appealing decision for IT specialists aiming to acquire laptops for their organization, especially if they've an IT staff that handles repairs and upgrades in-house. A handful of difficulties, like middling battery life and lack of a touch screen, maintain it from earning a higher score, but around the entire, it can maintain a lot of business enterprise users e7440 powerenergy leadHP's EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 (G4U67UT) ultrabook is definitely the follow-up towards the similarly named EliteBook Folio 1040 G1$1,062.04 at Amazon we tested earlier this year. Priced at $1,719 (as tested), the new model downgrades some characteristics for a reduce price tag, but adds a really desirable touch screen.

The previous iteration is a powerhouse program shoehorned into a thin and light chassis. The new model shares its dimensions (0.63 by 13.five by 9.25 inches, HWD), and is made in the similar aluminum and magnesium alloy building. Weight is as much as 3.65 pounds, but you will not notice the added couple of ounces in a travel bag. The new method also passes MIL-STD-801G testing for vibration, dust intrusion, and weather conditions like humidity, temperature, and altitude.

The new EliteBook Folio is often a superior rival for our existing Editors' Option enterprise ultrabook, the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch$1,941.84 at Dell. The Dell E7440 is actually a extra regular laptop, with dual pointing devices and a plethora of ports, whilst the new EliteBook Folio G1 $1,705.46 at Amazon is far more of a slim-bodied, forward-looking laptop.hp probook 450 g2 powerenergy lead Its ForcePad touchpad has no moving parts, not even a spring-loaded click mechanism to give you physical feedback if you press the mouse buttons. It really is slightly disconcerting, but any time you turn into familiar with its operation, you will be rewarded with new multitouch gestures for navigating, like scrolling that speeds up or slows down, based on just how much pressure you exert. It is possible to also connect a mouse for the laptop, or use the 10-point touch screen for navigation.

The 850 G1$1,332.00 at Amazon appears substantial when it sits open in front of you, but should you close the method and view it from the side, it presents a fairly thin profile. HP has eliminated the built-in DVD drive discovered on earlier models and manufactured the chassis from magnesium and aluminum, so the technique meaures a little more than 0.eight inches thick. At four.31 pounds, it's likely lighter than laptop models from a number of years back, but it is noticeably heavier than existing rivals, like the 15-inch Toshiba Tecra Z50-A1503 $1,595.21 at PinnacleMicro (three.71 pounds) as well as the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch$1,941.84 at Dell (3.85 pounds),g236hl energy provideenergy packour Editors' Selection for business enterprise ultrabooks. It attributes plenty of ports, like a DisplayPort, an Ethernet port, an SD Card slot, a SmartCard reader, 4 USB three.0 ports, plus a VGA port. It lacks an HDMI port.

The 14-inch LED-backlit show has a 1,920-by-1,080 resolution. It immediately picks up touch gestures like swipes and taps, and it performs well with Windows eight.1 Pro. Screen top quality is greater than sufficient for the majority of workplace tasks, like spreadsheet quantity crunching and word processing.The technique has fewer ports than the Dell E7440 and also the Toshiba Portege R30-A1302 $1,675.00 at Amazon. You only get a DisplayPort, a microSD slot, a clever card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, and an NFC reader below the palm rest.bose soundlink 2two energy provide3three ac adapter The laptop's docking port is often used together with the incorporated Ethernet/VGA dongle, but you will most likely rely on its 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 combo for wireless connectivity.

The battery is sealed away, like around the Toshiba Kirabook 13 i7S Touch$1,689.00 at Amazon and most other consumer-oriented ultrabooks. Companies that share PCs or move them from employee to employee will likely be improved served by systems with removable batteries, like the Dell Latitude E7440 and Toshiba R30-A1302, considering the fact that getting a hand-me-down laptop with an overused battery is never ever ideal. No less than the warranty covers the laptop and battery for 3 years.The backlit, chiclet-style keyboard is comfy to work with, and also the multitouch trackpad and integrated pointing stick respond quickly.hp pavilion 11 x360 energy supplyThe trackpad supports dual-finger gestures like scrolling and right-click. The aluminum keyboard deck is wide and comfortable to work with, although the rubber bumpers placed beneath the Windows essential and also the Menu important can get in the way as you are preparing to form.

The keyboard has drainage channels built in to deal with inadvertent spills, which helps your laptops survive the every day grind. Based on HP, the 850 G1 is designed to conform towards the MIL-STD-810 spec regular for durability. This can be a set of criteria governing temperature resistance (both cold and heat), drop testing, and moisture intrusion. It really is not as rugged as a method with port covers in addition to a fully sealed building, but is still most likely to survive a hectic operate day improved than a laptop that doesn't have these protective options.

The 15.6-inch, LED-backlit screen features a 1,920-by-1,080 resolution and an anti-glare venue 88eight charger This tends to make the technique well-suited for tasks that need plenty of screen actual estate, which include functioning on spreadsheets. That said, the somewhat limited viewing angles implies that you are going to should come across a comfortable position exactly where you are able to examine the screen head-on. The show around the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2013)$1,749.00 at Amazon features a much larger resolution (2,880 by 1,880) along with a wider viewing angle, producing that laptop a superior selection for crucial visual tasks like editing video and pictures. The system lacks a touch screen,hp x360 netzteil which can be fine for the Windows 7 operating system it runs, nevertheless it potentially tends to make it significantly less useful if you upgrade to Windows eight later via the program recovery procedure (Windows eight Pro comes beneath precisely the same license totally free).

The 850 GI has many capabilities which are essential for the IT folks. 1st, it is Intel vPro certified and may be outfitted having a plethora of service and help alternatives. Second, and more importantly, the bottom panel with the technique comes off with out needing any tools, a rare issue to find in any laptop. Our overview unit has a single SO-DIMM slot free for additional memory (as much as 16GB from the included 8GB). There is certainly also a slot for n M.two solid-state drive (SSD), which can supplement the installed two.5-inch 180GB SATA SSD. The M.2 is physically smaller than the old MiniCard SSD form element and has much better throughput than SSDs using the mSATA interface.

You can make use of the laptop with HP's 2013 UltraSlim docking station, which lets you connect to a monitor, input peripherals, and other USB devices. One more good feature for IT folks is HP's Confident Begin,vgp bpse38 which can be a BIOS function that protects against malware attacks. Confident Begin checks your BIOS for corruption at each reboot, and replaces it with an IT-approved copy if some thing is amiss. The function works independently of the Windows-based safety utilities.The removable battery isn't as hassle-free as that on older laptops, due to the fact the battery is beneath the locked base, but no less than it is not totally sealed like on other ultrabooks. The system comes using a three-year normal warranty with HP Elite assistance.

Our overview unit is equipped with an Intel Core i5-4300U processor with Intel HD 4400 graphics, 4GB of memory, and also a 180GB solid-state drive (SSD). Together, they helped the program earn 2,775 points the PCMark 8 Function Conventional test, which measures the system although it surfs the Web and performs office tasks like word processing, editing spreadsheets, and video conferencing. It really is a superior score than the two,581 points the Core i7-powered Toshiba Kirabook achieved on the identical test. This can be likely since the Toshiba Kirabook has a higher-resolution screen that requires more time for you to display every test scenario.

Multimedia scores were great, but not terrific: four minutes around the Handbrake test and fiveStore completed the Handbrake test in significantly less than 3 minutes. Nonetheless, the EliteBook is a great performer, and need to really feel speedy sufficient for many users for the following 4 years or so.Battery life is sufficient. The EliteBook missed getting full-day computing powerThis is 24 minutes significantly less than the Dell E7440, and an hour and 24 minutes less than the Toshiba Kirabook.

The HP EliteBook 1040 G1 (G4U67UT) skips a removable battery and built-in VGA and Ethernet for a thinner construct. It is a good match for an office that is obtaining all of its users new PCs in 1 swift stroke. Having said that, the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch continues as our Editors' Option for enterprise ultrabooks with greater connectivity, including Ethernet, HDMI, and nn added USB three.0 port, plus it comes having a longer-lasting, removable battery.

The 850 G1's functionality on our multimedia tests (1 minute 13 seconds on Handbrake; 4:47 on Photoshop CS6) was competitive with that of other Windows-based enterpriseone of the most recent 15-inch MacBook Pro (0:37 on Handbrake; three:14 on Photoshop CS6).The laptop lasted 6 hours 48 minutes on our battery rundown test, which can be a bit brief of competitors. The majority of the other laptops within this class variety from the Toshiba Z50-A1503's 7 hours flat all the way as much as the Toshiba Portege R30-A1302's$1,675.00 at Amazon.

The HP EliteBook 850 G1 is an IT serviceable and user friendly business ultrabook. Uncomplicated access for the chassis for upgrades and servicing could make up for shortcomings, like the system's middling battery life, a minimum of towards the IT staff supporting your customers. Even so, that's not almost adequate to trump our Editors' Selection for company ultrabooks, the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch, which can be thinner and lighter, features a Windows 8-friendly touch screen, a higher-capacity SSD, an HDMI port, and delivers nearly an hour a lot more of battery life.

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